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West Plains Subarea Transportation Management Plan – Land Use

The study area is a multi-jurisdictional planning area. Planning in this area involves many agencies and requires extensive coordination to address the complex relationship between land use and transportation.

An analysis of projected land use based on a market analysis was completed for the study area

The land use in the study is very diverse. It includes residential, industrial, commercial, rural, federal lands, tribal land, military to name a few.

Land Use Distribution Analysis (PDF 92 KB)

Land Use and Trip Generation Methodology (PDF 326 KB)

Land Use and Development Map of the West Plains

Use the buttons on the left-hand side of the map to navigate the Land Use and Development map. Click here to view full-screen Land Use map


Over the last decade, significant growth has been experienced on the West Plains. More growth and development is expected over the coming years.

Land use
Images showing development and different land use on the West Plains already happening within the study area.

Fairchild Air Force Base – Join Land-Use Study

A Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) was conducted by Spokane County. The JLUS was designated to create a community-based plan that builds consensus and obtains support from varied interests, including residents, property owners, local elected officials, business interests, the military, Native American Tribal governments and State and Federal agency representatives. The map below represents the Final-Fairchild-joint-land-use-study noise contour map that assess potential noise related to four future mission scenarios. (Click on the map for the full document of the study)

Final-fairchild-joint-land-use-study Noise Contour Map
Final-Fairchild-joint-land-use-study Noise Contour Map.