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SR 167 Master Plan – Give us your feedback

We want to hear from you!

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) would like to learn about how and why you travel throughout the State Route (SR) 167 corridor. Specifically, WSDOT is interested in learning about any travel that occurs on the SR 167 highway, parallel transit options (Sounder, light rail, or other transit) or within one mile of SR 167. We want to hear from you if you live, work, or travel this area.

  1. Please complete this 10-minute survey.
  2. Your answers to this survey are completely anonymous and no information can be connected to you.
  3. This survey is voluntary, and you may skip questions or leave this survey at any time.
    We will share results from this survey with community leaders and decision-makers so that we can make informed decisions for our communities.

Where do you live? Please select the city or area you live in or nearby. If you do not live in the SR 167 Master Plan study area, please select one of the outside study area options.

What is the main way(s) you travel in the SR 167 corridor? (select all that apply)

Please select the places you travel to at least weekly (select all that apply)

What is your most common reason for traveling along the SR 167 corridor?

Part of the SR 167 Master Plan's Vision states that WSDOT will identify near-, medium-, and long-term solutions intended to facilitate the movement of both people that travel on and across SR 167 for work, school, other essential and non-essential trips, and goods that support economic vitality.

What type of transportation outcomes would best benefit your travel along the SR 167 corridor? (select your top three choices)

We would like to ask you demographic questions. These questions help WSDOT ensure that we are hearing from a representative group of people. These questions are optional. Your answers to all the survey questions, and the following demographic questions, are anonymous and will be grouped with the answers of other anonymous respondents to identify trends and patterns.

How do you identify? (select all that apply)

How old are you?

Including yourself, how many people live in your household?

Do you rent or own your home?

Do you have access to a working motor vehicle at home?

How do you identify? select all that apply

What is your total household income for the 2021 calendar year, before taxes?

What best describes your work status? (select all that apply)

Do you have a disability?

Which language(s) do you speak at home? (select all that apply)

+ 2 = 5