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WA Public Transportation Plan Update online open house

Help shape the future of public transportation in Washington state.

WSDOT’s Public Transportation Division is updating the 2016 Washington State Public Transportation Plan. We want to create a plan that truly addresses the transportation needs of community members across Washington state.

If you’re not familiar with the Public Transportation Plan, it serves as a guide for future statewide planning of public transportation in Washington. The plan moves our state toward a more integrated, multimodal transportation system that meets the needs of growing and thriving communities. This update serves as an opportunity to check in on the planning goals and priorities while incorporating new research, data and input through public engagement.

State law requires WSDOT to develop a statewide public transportation plan (RCW 47.06.110). According to the law, the plan must:

  1. Articulate the state interest in public transportation and provide quantifiable objectives, including benefits indicators.
  2. Identify the goals for public transit and the roles of federal, state, regional, and local entities in achieving those goals.
  3. Recommend mechanisms for coordinating state, regional, and local planning for public transportation.
  4. Recommend mechanisms for coordinating public transportation with other transportation services and modes.
  5. Recommend criteria, consistent with the goals identified in “2” above for existing federal authorizations administered by WSDOT to transit agencies.
  6. Recommend a statewide public transportation facilities and equipment management system, as required by federal law.
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