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What to Expect

Construction Schedule

The schedule below reflects current planning; however, construction schedules can be influenced by various external factors and are subject to change. Construction work zones on Interstate 5 will be required to build this project and motorists are encouraged to proceed with caution through the work zones.

Construction on I-5

To build the new elevated State Route 167 Expressway, construction crews first need to build several bridges spanning existing and future creeks and roadways. The new bridges will function as a portion of the new two-mile expressway and help connect it to I-5 and SR 509. The bridges will provide a water crossing over the Hylebos creek and its tributaries for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

WSDOT construction crews will build several new bridges to provide a water crossing over the Wapato creek and its tributaries for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

This past fall, construction crews began work to build the new expressway, requiring a shift of traffic lanes and lane width reductions on I-5. These lane shifts allow construction crews to widen the existing bridges on I-5 spanning Hylebos Creek. This bridge work on the I-5 Hylebos Creek bridges will continue through winter 2023. Drivers can expect I-5 lane shifts and lane narrowing to facilitate the construction on both the existing and the new structures on I-5. Following the completion of the new I-5 Hylebos Creek bridges, drivers can expect traffic on I-5 to shift to the outside through winter 2024 while WSDOT constructs the new I-5/SR 167 bridge over I-5.

<graphic of traffic shift to be incorporated here ^>

In fall 2023, WSDOT crews will begin the demolition of the old 70th Avenue East bridge to make way for construction of a new diverging diamond interchange (DDI) that will connect the future SR 167 Expressway to I-5. Following bridge demolition, crews will begin constructing bridges that will support work to build the new DDI. Drivers should plan extra time into their commutes as traffic is shifted to accommodate new bridge piers and columns, the placement of girders, and other construction-related activities. WSDOT will continue work to build the supporting bridge for the new I-5/SR 167 crossing over I-5 through spring 2025, with I-5 work completed by winter 2025.

New bridges over SR 99 and I-5 will support work to build the new diverging diamond interchange at 70th Avenue East that will eventually connect the future SR 167 Expressway to I-5 following DDI construction completion in 2028.  

Local Access Improvements

As WSDOT reroutes the Hylebos Creek as part of the riparian restoration program, new bridges will be constructed at several locations to improve stream flow and enhance fish movement. To accommodate this work and roadway reconstruction, crews will construct temporary roadway shifts to minimize the impact to drivers while conducting work. These temporary traffic shifts are expected for local roadway traffic at 54th Avenue East, 12th Street East, SR 99 and 20th Street East.

<graphic of traffic shift(s) to shoofly detour lanes to be incorporated here ^>

Drivers traveling eastbound and westbound on 12th Street East will be shifted to a temporary detour lane in spring 2023 and returned by fall 2023 when work advances to 20th Street East. In fall 2023, traffic in both directions on 20th Street East will shift to a temporary adjacent detour lane through spring 2024. Northbound and southbound traffic on SR 99 will move to a temporary adjacent detour lane in summer 2023 and shift back to normal lanes by fall 2024. In summer 2024, motorists can expect travel on 54th Avenue East to shift to similar temporary adjacent detour lanes that are necessary to construct the new roundabout intersection.

Between summer and fall 2025, WSDOT will stripe roadways on northbound and southbound I-5,and prepare for the opening of SR 167/I-5 to 509 New Expressway in 2026.

Other things to keep in mind…

Regulatory Speed Reductions

In winter 2022/23, drivers should anticipate 50mph temporary regulatory speed reductions on I-5 as they travel through active work zones to construct the new Hylebos Creek bridges on I-5. The temporary speed reduction is estimated to be in place from winter 2022 through summer 2023 on I-5 between mileposts 137.5 and 140.5, while traffic is shifted to accommodate work zones. Drivers are encouraged to take caution while traveling through work zones.