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SR 164 – Pussyfoot Creek – Fish Passage – About the project, increased noise

What is the SR 164 Pussyfoot Creek project?

This project will build a 168-foot bridge and remove an 11-foot diameter culvert that carries Pussyfoot Creek under SR 164 about a half-mile east of the White River Amphitheater on the Muckleshoot Reservation east of Auburn.

Project map shows where construction for the SR 164 Pussyfoot Creek will take place

The work will open about 9.3 miles of additional upstream habitat for resident and migratory fish, including Coho salmon, steelhead and coastal cutthroat trout. The additional habitat will help increase the number of salmon that hatch in the creek, which feeds into the White River and Puget Sound. In turn, that will help the Puget Sound ecosystem.

Increased noise

To complete this project as quickly as possible, crews will work days. This could create additional noise. WSDOT’s contractor will do its best to limit noise and will have a hotline available to assist affected residents.

The construction noise analysis identified that the noisiest activities will occur while we build the new bridge over SR 164. The contractor needs to drill shafts, drive piles and perform other work related to bridge construction such as removing the existing culvert, grading, concrete and paving work. WSDOT will continue to work with the Tribe and landowners to develop community outreach strategies during construction to address any questions raised.