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SR 125 – Plaza Way – Intersection Improvements – Get to know the project

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What’s it all about?

Drivers are experiencing heavy congestion due to increased traffic volumes at the intersection of SR 125 and Plaza Way as well as the intersection at Plaza Way and W. Tietan Street. We are planning to make improvements to these intersections to improve traffic flow and safety by reducing the risk of collisions.

What will the improvements look like?

We will be building a spiral roundabout at the SR 125 and Plaza Way intersection in 2021.  A spiral roundabout uses a combination of single-lane and multi-lane approaches and exits to efficiently move traffic through the intersection.

A design visualization of the proposed spiral roundabout at SR 125 and Plaza Way.

The new roundabout will incorporate multimodal facilities, including sidewalks, multi-use paths, crosswalks, and bike lanes.  These facilities will improve pedestrian and cyclist connectivity across and along SR 125 and on Plaza Way.

The traffic signal at Plaza Way and W. Tietan Street will also be replaced to better accommodate traffic flow.

A design visualization of the Plaza Way and W. Tietan Street intersection and new striping.

Plaza Way will be reconstructed and restriped with a two-way-left-turn lane from Tietan St to Village Way to allow easier access into businesses.

In 2022, we will be building additional sidewalk improvements on the west side of SR 125 and S. 9th Avenue between the railroad and the existing sidewalk north of Orchard Street. This work also includes a realignment of the existing path across the railroad on the east side of S. 9th Avenue.

What are the benefits of these improvements?

These planned improvements will reduce congestion, increase traffic flow, provide better access to businesses, and improve pedestrian and bike use.

What’s the timeline?

Project advertised – fall 2020
Construction scheduled to begin – spring 2021
Construction scheduled to be complete – fall 2021