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SR 105 West Harriman Street Signal – Roundabout Pre-Design Study – Get to know the project

What’s it all about?

The existing traffic signal system at the intersection of SR 105 (South Boone Street) and West Harriman Street in Aberdeen, near the Shoppes at Riverside, has reached the end of its useful life. This aging traffic signal installed in 1982 requires regular maintenance to keep it operational. The traffic signals are suspended over the intersection on wire instead of modern signal mast arms. WSDOT has proposed replacing the outdated traffic signal at this location with a modern roundabout for improved mobility, reduced potential for collisions, and reduced maintenance costs to taxpayers. WSDOT’s roundabout project compliments the City’s Grays Harbor Neighborhood Connection project by reducing vehicle speeds and conflict points.

What will the improvement look like?

We plan to construct a compact roundabout on SR 105 (South Boone Street) at West Harriman Street intersection beginning spring 2023. Compact roundabouts are smaller than a standard roundabout, feature mountable curbing, a traversable center island, and shorter and traversable splitter islands.

Aerial view of the conceptual SR 105 (South Boone Street) and West Harriman Street intersection compact roundabout
Conceptual SR 105 (South Boone Street) and West Harriman Street intersection compact roundabout

The proposed single-lane roundabout acts as a proven traffic calming measure to reduce vehicle speeds and guide traffic down to a single lane approaching the intersection. The design proposal also includes accommodations for those who walk or ride bicycles. WSDOT works to keep all travelers moving. The proposed roundabout would take into consideration features to aid bicyclists and pedestrians. Roundabouts are designed to be safer than traditional intersections for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Why Roundabouts

  • Improved safety
  • Reduced traffic delay
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • No signal replacement needed
  • Works during power outages
  • Cost competitive

Studies show that roundabouts are safer than traditional traffic signals or stop sign-controlled intersections. Roundabouts reduced injury crashes by nearly 76 percent at intersections where stop signs or traffic signals were previously used for traffic control, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).


  • Community outreach:  spring 2021
  • Project design:  fall 2021
  • Project construction:  spring – fall 2023