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SR 16 – SR 160 – Kitsap County Fish Passage Barriers – Remove Fish Barriers

Welcome to our online open house!

Welcome to the Washington State Department of Transportation’s SR 16 – SR 160 – Kitsap County Fish Passage Barriers – Remove Fish Barriers online open house. This project will remove fish passage barriers in Salmonberry Creek and Blackjack Creek.

A map of the project area showing fish barrier removal sites at Blackjack Creek and Salmonberry Creek. The barriers at Blackjack Creek are under the interchange of State Route 160 and State Route 16. The barriers at Salmonberry Creek are under SE Sedgwick Road between Phillips Road SE and Long Lake Road SE.
Locations of existing culverts at Blackjack and Salmonberry Creeks. The existing culverts are barriers to fish.

The existing culvert, or channel, under State Route 160 (SE Sedgwick Road) on the Kitsap Peninsula is a barrier to fish. The culvert is undersized and elevated above Salmonberry Creek so that it is too high for fish to pass. The culvert prevents them from getting to other parts of Salmonberry Creek.

This image shows the existing culvert at Salmonberry Creek. This culvert is a metal pipe, about 24 inches across, buried under SE Sedgwick Road. A small amount of water passes through the pipe and empties into Salmonberry Creek.
The existing culvert at Salmonberry Creek is a barrier to fish.

Blackjack Creek flows under both directions of SR 16 at the SR 160 (SE Sedgwick Road) interchange. There are three culverts under the interchange that act as barriers to fish. The culverts are undersized and the water flows too fast through the culverts.

This online open house will provide information about:

In-person open house

WSDOT is hosting an in-person open house from 5 to 7 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 27 at the Port Orchard Eagle’s Club, located at 4001 Jackson Avenue SE, Port Orchard, WA. The open house will have the same information featured in this online open house. There is no formal presentation. Attendees are welcome to join any time during the two-hour event. Project team members will be available to explain the project, answer questions and take comments.