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Performance-Based Evaluation Proviso – Legislative Study Process

This work is in progress and will evolve over time. Our first report is expected later this year.


Legislative Study Process timeline

How are we proceeding?

We are:

  • Looking at how WSDOT has used the transportation policy goals to make decisions
  • Asking for feedback from transportation partners, including underserved and disadvantaged populations
  • Reviewing WSDOT’s current tools and procedures
  • Analyzing how WSDOT communicates with stakeholders, including underrepresented people
  • Recommending small improvements in project evaluation, to better inform legislative decisions

What are the anticipated outcomes?

WSDOT will produce a final report for the Legislature and the Governor. The report will include:

  • Guidance for transparency and alignment between the transportation policy goals and project evaluation
  • Explanations for how a new way to evaluate would address issues raised by legislators and stakeholders
  • Major steps of project evaluation, including external communications and stakeholder engagement
  • Outstanding issues to resolve
  • A process to test and refine project evaluation, including steps to reach alignment on unresolved issues