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I-5 JBLM Vicinity Congestion Relief Project, South Study Area: Supplemental Environmental Assessment and Online Public Meeting – Socioeconomic and Environmental Justice

The assessment of socioeconomic and environmental justice (EJ) considers potential impacts or benefits of proposed transportation projects to communities or neighborhoods, especially those with concentrations of minorities, low-income populations or people with limited ability to speak and read English.

Neighborhoods and commercial areas along I-5, and areas with potential noise, visual and traffic effects resulting from the project were evaluated. Demographic data was collected from the U.S. Census and school districts serving the area.

The social and economic aspects of reducing congestion on I-5 and connecting roads would benefit the area. Residents and employees who travel on I-5 would benefit from reduced delay, as would people traveling through the area to other destinations. This is especially true for people using northbound I-5 where travel times and speeds are most improved by the project. Southbound traffic would continue to experience congestion due to the existing reduction of I-5 from four lanes to three in the vicinity of Mounts Road. The project would include a bridge over the Sound Transit rail line immediately west of I-5 which would eliminate the potential for delay associated with traffic waiting for trains to clear the intersection.

For More Information

To read more about the study approach, existing conditions, and effects on socioeconomic and environmental justice, please see Section 3.14 of the Supplemental Environmental Assessment.