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I-5/SR 516 Interchange

I-5/SR 516 Interchange

The I-5/SR 516 interchange improvements include:

  • Reconstructing the ramps and adding lanes to improve traffic flow
  • Constructing a new Veterans Drive undercrossing of I-5, connecting Veterans Drive to the southbound I-5 off-ramp and northbound on-ramp, creating a parallel roadway to Kent Des Moines Road (SR 516) to improve traffic flow through the interchange
  • Building wider sidewalks and a shared use path.

What can you expect?

  • If you drive on I-5 you can expect to see lane shifts in both directions so crews can widen the I-5 bridge over Kent-Des Moines Road, construct new ramps to SR 509, and construct the new Veterans Drive I-5 undercrossing. The lane shifts include moving the northbound HOV lane to the southbound side of I-5 in 2024. You can also expect occasional interchange ramp closures throughout construction.
  • If you walk, roll or use transit in this area your access / route will not change until 2024 when one of the two eastbound bus bays will close. The new eastbound SR 516 bus stop will open later in the year. In 2025, pedestrian access will temporarily shift to the eastbound side of SR 516.
  • If you live or work in the area you can expect typical construction impacts including heavy equipment, noise, and nighttime work on I-5.
An aerial map of the 516 interchange and its upcoming changes
A reconfigured SR 516 interchange includes new ramps that provide connections between SR 509 and I-5 and non-motorized improvements, will make it easier for people who drive, walk, bike and use transit to travel through the area.
A close up aerial map of the SR 516 interchange in Kent
A new Veterans Drive undercrossing and extension provides a new option to access I-5 from the Kent Valley. The NB I-5 ramp also connects to the new SR 509 Expressway.


Due to the extensive improvements planned for the I-5/SR 516 interchange and southbound I-5, construction crews and their work in this area will begin late this year (2021) and wrap up in mid-2025.

Please share any questions or comments on this part of the project on our comments page.