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RAISE grant open house


WSDOT was awarded $5,000,000 in federal grant funding from the 2022 Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program by the US Department of Transportation. This website includes the grant application materials and supporting documents.

Collectively titled “Reconnecting I-90 Communities,” this application includes three main activities.

  1. In Spokane, WSDOT will partner with the City of Spokane to develop community-supported grade-separated solutions, such as a land bridge, to address the barrier created by I-90 through the East Central Neighborhood. Grant funds will move this study to 30% design, which will be combined with the recent state legislative approval of $4 million to take this project to 90% design.
  2. In Seattle, WSDOT and local agencies will develop community-supported solutions to provide safer active transportation access to the future Judkins Park light rail Station which is opening in 2023. Grant funds will move this study to 30% design.
  3. WSDOT will use lessons learned from these two areas to develop a toolkit for implementing analytical methods and safety measures introduced in the recently completed Active Transportation Plan across the state.

For more information on the award announcement, see: 

RAISE 2022 Grants Notice of Funding Opportunity

Active Transportation Plan 2020 and Beyond

Grant application materials and supporting documents


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