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Potential Solutions

As part of regularly scheduled improvements to US 12, our goal is to create a system that enables safe, convenient access for several types of transportation options – walking, biking, and driving.

Potential solutions to Allan Road to Kel Lowry Road.
Potential solutions to Kel Lowry Road to Shafer Road.
Potential solutions to Shafer Avenue to Naches Avenue.
Potential solutions to Naches Avenue to Jennings Lane.
Potential parking solutions.

Transportation Improvement Options

Traffic improvement options have been created based on previous survey feedback and traffic data. Options A and B illustrate potential improvements that could be made along US 12.

Option A: Separated sidewalks and bike lanes

Transportation improvement option A: Separated sidewalks and bike lanes

Option B: Shared-use path

Transportation improvement option B: Shared-use path.

Crossing Improvement Options

Potential crossing options have been created for multiple locations along US 12 based on
previous survey feedback and traffic data. Images A, B, and C illustrate potential crossing options. Each intersection has different crossing options because only options that could benefit users are listed. If a crossing type could negatively impact users at an intersection, it was eliminated as an option. 

Image A: Roundabout
Image A: Roundabout
Image B: Traffic Signal
Image B: Traffic Signal
Image C: Enhanced Crosswalk
Image C: Enhanced Crosswalk
Potential crossing solutions.

Roundabouts are a safe and effective crossing option for all intersections in this study area, traffic signals are an option for Allan Rd and Naches Rd, and enhanced crosswalks are an option for Shafer Ave and Kel Lowry Rd. Traffic signals are not an option at Shafer Ave and Kel Lowry Rd because they could cause adverse traffic impacts instead benefits to the public.