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SR 520 – Portage Bay Bridge and Roanoke Lid Project – Traffic

Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan

Our construction will cause some disruption for drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders traveling through the work area. WSDOT and the city of Seattle are currently collaborating to develop a Portage Bay Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan (NTMP). The NTMP will identify planned and potential traffic management measures on neighborhood streets (both temporary and permanent) through SR 520 Program design, and future city projects and plans in the Portage Bay area.

Timeline and next steps

  • June
    From June 3 to June 24, we held an online survey to collect feedback from the community about traffic and mobility concerns near the project area. This valuable feedback is currently being used to help inform the draft NTMP report.
  • August
    We’ll host a public meeting on Aug. 4 to share results from the survey and a draft version of the report, hear your questions and concerns about local traffic issues, and begin a two-week public comment period.
  • Fall
    We’ll post a summary of what we heard during the public comment period.
  • Winter
    We’ll post the final NTMP report, which will include updates based on public feedback and traffic measures selected for implementation.
  • 2023
    WSDOT and the city of Seattle will begin implementing traffic management measures prior to construction beginning in 2024. 

WSDOT and the city of Seattle collaborated to develop NTMP reports for the SR 520 West Approach Bridge North Project in 2014 and the Montlake Project (PDF 5.3MB) in 2017. The Portage Bay NTMP builds on the previous versions by including updated traffic information and public feedback.