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I live in, work near, or travel through the Barnes Creek area

Barnes Creek wetland mitigation

A large wetland improvement project is planned at Barnes Creek in Des Moines. The area extends from Kent-Des Moines Road to South 220th Street. The Barnes Creek restoration site enhances habitat for plants native to the region.

If you use the Barnes Creek Nature Trail, expect the trail to close periodically while crews work in the area. Crews will post signs ahead of the trail closure.

If you live near the Barnes Creek mitigation site, expect some noise from construction machinery during daytime construction hours. Most work will be performed with hand tools and small construction machines.

Contractors are required to meet local noise variances and will take steps to minimize noise and potentially disruptive construction activity. Best practices for managing noise and construction near neighbors and businesses include:

  • Providing nearby residents with notices in advance of noisy nighttime work
  • Wetting down the ground to prevent dust
  • Lining truck beds to help dump material and limit tailgate slamming

If you have questions or concerns about construction at any time, you can always contact our team at our 24-hour hotline, 206-225-0674, or