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I live in, work in, or travel through Kent

Southbound I-5 between SR 516 and South 272nd Street

WSDOT is making improvements to I-5 to help traffic transition between SR 509 and I-5. A new southbound lane between SR 516 and South 272nd Street will add capacity to I-5 for traffic traveling from SR 509 to the Kent Valley and Federal Way. Crews expect to begin work as soon as winter 2024.

If you use southbound I-5, expect frequent shoulder closures and periodic night and weekend lane closures.  All construction work will take place behind temporary concrete barriers, but the traveling public should always slow down when traveling through work zones and watch for trucks entering and exiting work areas.

McSorley Creek near South 259th Street

A culvert under I-5 at McSorley Creek, located north of South 272nd Street, will be replaced with a larger culvert to maintain the water flow and keep I-5 resilient. Crews will access the construction site from South 259th Street.

If you live near or travel through South 259th Street, expect construction traffic and periodic lane and shoulder closures at this location.

Noise wall extension

WSDOT will extend the existing noise wall east of 32nd Place South in Kent to the north by 230 feet. A construction schedule for this has not yet been set.

Aerial view of SR 509 noise wall installations

If you live right next to the planned noise wall near 32nd Place South, you should expect survey crews to reach out to you before construction starts. During construction, crews will use machinery to compact the soil, pour concrete for the noise wall foundations, and form the new concrete panels.

Contractors are required to meet local noise variances and will take steps to minimize noise and potentially disruptive construction activity. Best practices for managing noise and construction near neighbors and businesses include:

  • Providing nearby residents with notices in advance of noisy nighttime work
  • Wetting down the ground to prevent dust
  • Lining truck beds to help dump material and limit tailgate slamming

If you have questions or concerns about construction at any time, you can always contact our team at our 24-hour hotline, 206-225-0674, or