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SR 510 Yelm Loop Phase 2 Improvement Project: Supplemental Environmental Assessment and Online Public Meeting – Wetlands

There is one wetland (Wetland A) located in the Project footprint. Portions of Wetland A (0.11 acres) would be permanently shaded by the proposed bridge over Yelm Creek, which would, over time, alter the vegetation species composition. In addition, 0.02 acres of temporary impacts to the wetland would be altered by post-construction vegetation management that would be needed to maintain the bridge. The location of Wetland A and the proposed bridge over Yelm Creek is illustrated in the figure below.

Map illustrating existing vegetation types and project impacts to vegetation in the vicinity of Yelm Creek.
Map of potential wetland impact area

Temporary effects to wetlands would be addressed by replanting with suitable native vegetation. Shade effects to wetlands would be partially mitigated by planting shade-tolerant wetland species. Impacts from the construction of a bridge over Yelm Creek and the associated stream and wetland buffers would be mitigated under applicable state and local requirements. There would be no net loss of wetland, buffer, or stream structure or function.

For more information

To read more about the study approach, existing conditions, and effects on wetlands, please see Section 3.6 Wetlands (PDF 1.7MB).