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SR 510 Yelm Loop Phase 2 Improvement Project: Supplemental Environmental Assessment and Online Public Meeting – Visual quality

The Build Alternative would result in neutral visual impacts. The new two-lane roadway is visually consistent with the surrounding characteristic and other transportation features in the area. The completion of the Yelm Loop from its current end point at Cullens Road to SR 507 would create a more visually consistent driver experience. The proposed noise wall would receive aesthetic treatments to reduce the visual impact of the structures. The adjacent photograph illustrates the view from the existing Phase 1 portion of the Yelm Loop/SR 510 project, which is similar to what will be experienced along the Phase 2 portion of the project.

Street view illustrating existing SR 510 Spur, with highway and shared use trail in foreground, and adjacent Cherry Meadows neighborhood in background.
Existing SR 510 Spur and adjacent Cherry Meadows neighborhood

For more information

To read more about the study approach, existing conditions, and effects see Section 3.9 Visual Quality (PDF 147KB).