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SR 510 Yelm Loop Phase 2 Improvement Project: Supplemental Environmental Assessment and Online Public Meeting – Hazardous materials

The federal and state contaminated site databases (EPA and Ecology) were consulted to identify potentially contaminated sites in the one-mile study area. No EPA Superfund sites were identified in the study area, and 59 potentially hazardous waste sites were identified in Ecology records and/or in the 1999 Hazardous Waste Corridor Site Assessment report. Most of the sites in the immediate vicinity of the Build Alternative footprint were identified as low-risk; two sites were identified as moderate-risk due to the potential for contamination of soils and/or groundwater. Portions of the study area fall within the Tacoma Smelter Plume, increasing the potential for encountering arsenic and lead contamination in surface soil.

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To read more about the study approach, existing conditions, and effects on hazardous materials, please see Section 3.8 Hazardous Materials (PDF 464KB).