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SR 510 Yelm Loop Phase 2 Improvement Project: Supplemental Environmental Assessment and Online Public Meeting

Welcome to WSDOT’s online open house

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Here, you will have an opportunity to learn more about and provide your comments on the SR 510 Yelm Loop, Phase 2 Improvement Project (Project) – Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA). The information and graphics presented below show the existing conditions, potential project-related effects, and proposed mitigation.

Map illustrating proposed improvements and alignment for SR 510 Yelm Loop, Phase 2. The proposed highway would be classified “limited access” between Cullens Road and 103rd Avenue, and “managed access” between 103rd Avenue and SR 507. A shared use pathway would be constructed on one side of the highway in the limited access portion, while sidewalks and bike lanes would be provided on both sides of the highway in the managed access portion of the Build Alternative. Other improvements include overcrossings at Yelm Creek and at the existing Yelm-Tenino Trail; the conversion of four existing roads to cul-de-sacs where the new highway intersects; and the construction of five new intersections along the proposed alignment (three roundabouts and two stop sign-controlled intersections).
SR 510 Yelm Loop, Phase 2 Proposed Improvements
Map illustrating the existing SR 510 Spur and proposed SR 510 Yelm Loop Phase 2 alignment. The existing SR 510 Spur extends about a mile from Mud Run Road to Cullens Road, with a shared use path on each side of the highway and four intersections. The proposed Phase 2 alignment would connect from the intersection of Cullens Road at the end of the SR 510 Spur to SR 507 adjacent to the existing Walmart Supercenter.
SR 510 Yelm Loop, Existing Conditions

What is an Environmental Assessment?

An Environmental Assessment or EA describes a project and its potential environmental effects related to transportation, noise, natural resources, parks and recreation, community resources, and other resources.

Two scenarios are evaluated in an environmental assessment – the proposed project (Build Alternative) and doing nothing (No Build Alternative). The No Build Alternative is what the proposed project is compared against to determine potential environmental effects.

Why was a Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA) prepared for this project?

This document was prepared as a supplement to the EA, originally published in 1999, for the Project. Since that time, several changes have occurred within the project corridor, including the listing of the Yelm pocket gopher as a threatened species, and construction of new development adjacent to the corridor right-of-way. This SEA focuses on Phase 2 of the SR 510 Yelm Loop, which would complete the bypass corridor. Since the 1999 EA, the proposed improvements in Phase 2 have been modified to reduce the footprint of the Build Alternative, as well as to meet regulations that have changed since the completion of the previous environmental work.

The project study area is located between the current east end of Phase 1 of the Yelm Loop at Cullens Road and SR 507 at 170th Street in the eastern portion of the City of Yelm.

How do I access the full SEA?

  • Online: Review the full SEA document (PDF 16MB)
  • In print: Call (360) 570-6699 to request a printed copy of the SEA. You may also view the SEA in-person at Yelm City Hall, 106 2nd Street SE, Yelm, WA. All City required COVID-19 protocols must be followed

How do I participate in the online public meeting?

Typically, after publishing an SEA, WSDOT holds an in-person public meeting so people can view materials, ask questions, and submit comments. Due to current public health considerations associated with COVID-19, WSDOT is hosting this public meeting online and is providing options for people to submit comments and questions online, by email, postal mail, and phone.

How do I submit questions or comments?

We welcome your questions and comments.

Comments can be submitted through a form in this online public meeting, by phone at (360) 570-6699, or by postal mail to:

WSDOT, Olympic Region Environmental Office
c/o Jeff Sawyer
PO Box 47440
Olympia, WA 98504-7440

Thank you!

Your feedback will be shared with WSDOT and FHWA and considered as project designs progress. We will publish responses to your comments and questions in the final environmental decision document.
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