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West Plains Subarea Transportation Management Plan – Existing Conditions

A detailed analysis of current conditions has been completed as part of Phase 1. These efforts include compiling the characteristics of the roadway network, crash history, transit service, utility infrastructure, sensitive areas, and an analysis of Title VI populations within the study area.

The study area is a multi-jurisdictional planning area. Planning in this area involves many agencies and requires extensive coordination to address the complex relationship between land use and transportation.

In order to effectively plan a multi-modal transportation system in a practical manner that will align land use and transportation, we must first understand the existing conditions and its ability to provide for planned development

This requires a system approach including the state and local network that includes an evaluation of all modes of transportation.

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Existing conditions

How to drive a roundabout video

Public Transportation Services in the Study Area

Spokane Transit Authority (STA) 2019 Service Map within the Study Area (PDF 405 KB)

Bus routes 60 and 61 currently operate every half hour on weekdays. The service is available less often nights and weekends. Route 63 will provide hourly service beginning September 2019 to address additional demand from shift changes at new employment locations.

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