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US 395 Loon Lake Intersection – Safety Improvement Plans


Over the past year, Loon Lake residents and the traveling public have shared safety concerns with regard to the intersection of US 395 and SR 292 near Loon Lake. When WSDOT engineers in our statewide systemic safety program determined there was funding available for compact roundabouts and worked with traffic and project development engineers across the state to identify potential intersections, Eastern Region submitted the US 395/SR 292 intersection as a candidate. It was accepted as one of about 10 roundabouts to be build statewide. The roundabout will be installed, along with a paving project in the summer of 2022.

Public meetings

April 2021

  • A virtual public meeting is being held April 20, 2021 to present preliminary plans for a compact roundabout designed to improve safety along US-395 at SR 292 near Loon Lake.
  • For more information on attending the meeting, please contact Beth Bousley at
  • Comments and questions can be submitted using the comments tab.

Past meetings

August 2020

A virtual meeting was held with WSDOT and the Loon Lake Community to discuss potential safety improvements along US-395 at SR 292 near Loon Lake.  At that time, in light of the fiscal crisis (PDF 356KB), WSDOT was not in the position to make any changes to the intersection.  Please view the presentation.

Aug. 19, 2020 presentation (PDF 930KB)

March 2021

The Loon Lake US 395/SR 294 intersection was submitted for consideration and selected for a statewide initiative created to fund low cost solutions to improve safety. The roundabout will be installed, along with a paving project in the summer of 2022. Residents were concerned about pedestrian and ATV traffic in this intersection, and the roundabout will have a walkway to accommodate walkers.