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Roundabout benefits

Why does WSDOT consider roundabouts?

  • Improves the flow of traffic
  • Reduces traffic delay
  • Improves pedestrian access
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • No replacement needed
  • Works during power outages
  • Cost competitive
  • Accommodates all legal loads

Roundabouts reduce the potential for serious injury collisions. They are safer for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists than traditional intersections. Modern roundabouts are also built to accommodate all vehicle types.

Roundabouts in similar communities

When considering roundabouts on US 101 WSDOT looked at communities similar to those along US 101 in Clallam County. The project team found three highways similar to US 101 that had recently installed roundabouts. The roundabouts reduced serious and fatal crashes. In some cases, they shortened travel times. More details can be found in the documents below.

Graphic listing benefits of roundabouts: safety, operations, aesthetics