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SR 510/Yelm Loop – New alignment phase 2 online open house – Roadway access

The Yelm Loop will be a limited access highway from Mud Run Road Southeast to 103rd Avenue.

Limited access highways allow traffic to flow more freely and reduce the potential for collisions by limiting direct property access via driveways. Limited access highways benefits through travelers by:

  • Reduced travel times
  • Reduced potential for collisions
  • Increased roadway capacity

In 2006, through a public hearing process, the SR 510/Yelm Loop was established to be a limited access highway. The Yelm Loop will have a half-mile spacing between intersections.

This is a map of the project area (showing the extension of SR 510 between Cullens Road Southeast and SR 507). The map shows the intersections with the Yelm loop (9 total roughly every ½ mile along the corridor) and cul-de-sac locations.