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Future Conditions

Everett Link Light Rail Extension

Sound Transit is currently in the planning phase of their Everett Link Extension Project. The Everett Link Extension will add 16 miles of light rail from Lynnwood to Everett, connecting Snohomish County residents to the regional light rail network by 2040. As part of their planning effort, Sound Transit is considering a new light-rail station at the intersection of SR 99 and Airport Road. If constructed, this stop has the potential to transform the character of the SR 99 corridor and will significantly increase the amount of walking and biking trips to and from the Airport Road intersection.

Swift Blue Line Speed and Reliability Improvements

Community transit is coordinating with WSDOT to implement changes to SR 99 that will improve reliability for Swift Blue Line buses These improvements include converting the shoulder to a Business Access Transit (BAT) lane, to benefit the buses and right-turning vehicles. This effort will be made possible by the upcoming WSDOT project to widen and reinforce the shoulders along SR 99, making them suitable for bus use. As a result, we anticipate more people will use transit, therefore increasing the amount of walking and biking trips along the SR 99 corridor.

Snohomish County Light Rail Communities Sub Area Plan

In anticipation of the Everett Link Light Rail Extension, Snohomish County is creating a subarea plan for unincorporated Snohomish County between the cities of Everett, Mukilteo, Lynnwood, and Mill Creek. The study will explore how to best leverage future land use and transit decisions in a way that makes the new light rail service safely, conveniently, and efficiently accessible by walking, biking, transit and driving. This subarea plan will also consider changes to existing zoning and development regulations, which has the potential to significantly increase the population density of the study area and increase the number of walk, bike, and transit trips.