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SR 9/SR 204 Intersection Improvements

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Project Overview

WSDOT is improving the intersection of SR 9 and SR 204 in Lake Stevens by adding four roundabouts and widening SR 9 to two lanes in each direction immediately south of the intersection. These improvements will help manage congestion and improve mobility, provide better access to area businesses, and provide more travel options with improved connections for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and drivers.

Click through this online open house to learn more about the project history and design, what to expect during construction, and to share your feedback!

What to expect

WSDOT is building the improvements in three construction stages. The project team completed Stage 1 in 2019 and will complete Stage 2 this summer. These two stages include constructing a noise wall on each side of SR 9, and additional through and turn lanes on SR 9 from 4th Street Southeast to 4th Street Northeast.

Illustrated birds-eye-view map of Lake Stevens with the SR9 SR204 Intersection highlighted in orange.
This map shows the SR 9/SR 204 intersection in Lake Stevens, Washington where WSDOT is adding roundabouts and widening SR 9 to improve mobility and reduce congestion.

The third stage of this project will begin soon, during summer 2022, and we estimate completion during fall of 2023.

Stage 3 includes the remaining construction to deliver project improvements. Between now and fall of 2023, WSDOT will:

  • Construct roundabouts at the following locations:
    • State Routes 9 and 204
    • State Route 9 and Vernon Road
    • 91st Avenue Northeast and Vernon Road
    • N Davies Road, Vernon Road, and Frontage Road
  • Continue work on stormwater facilities, landscaping, and planting

Project timeline

  • Fall 2018 to Winter 2022
    Design phase
  • Spring 2019 to Fall 2019
    Stage 1 construction
  • Spring 2019 to Winter 2022
    Right of Way phase
  • Spring 2021 to Summer 2022
    Stage 2 construction
  • Summer 2022 to Fall 2023
    Stage 3 construction