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Existing conditions

The photos below show roadway conditions along SR 542. Click on the images to make them larger.

Road access

Between the SR 9 roundabout junction at Nugents Corner and Mitchell Road, accesses to the highway are dispersed. These access points are made up of local roads and cross streets or private driveways.

East of Mitchell Road, the community of Deming is made up of a dense street network which intersects with SR 542 at a number of locations in close proximity to each other. Multiple access points onto Deming Road create more possible conflict points and potential for vehicle crashes. This image shows the eastern end of Deming Road with two accesses to SR 542 close together.

A view of Deming Road looking east towards SR 542. There are 2 accesses to SR 542 close together.

Transit access

Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA)’s 72x transit route serves Deming by following SR 542 east from SR 9 at Nugents Corner and then turning onto Deming Road. Transit stops are available on Deming Road until it rejoins SR 542 east of Deming. Service is generally most available on this route in the early afternoon on weekdays, with frequencies ranging from every 60 minutes to every 90 minutes. Earlier in the day, service frequencies are approximately once every 3 hours. Weekend service is more limited.

One transit pullout in each direction exists near Nugents Corner. The eastbound area has a coarse gravel surface and a moderate shoulder along the state highway. This image shows the WTA transit pullout east of Nugents Corner alongside the highway. The westbound area is located within a paved parking area serving Bethany Chapel. Both transit stops at Nugents Corner lack benches or shelters.

A view of SR 542 looking east towards the community of Deming, just east of Nugents Corner. A transit stop is located in a gravel patch to the right of the roadway shoulder. There is traffic on the roadway.


Shoulders along SR 542 east of SR 9 at Nugents Corner are moderate. This image shows the existing shoulder at the intersection of SR 542 and Deming Road.

A view of SR 542 looking east at the junction of SR 542 and the west end of Deming Road.

The shoulder continues to be moderately wide with an average shoulder width of 10 feet, until a center turn lane is introduced to the roadway near the intersection of Mitchell Road adjacent to Mount Baker High School. From this point, shoulder widths may vary between 4 feet and 10 feet. The image below shows a narrower shoulder where turn lanes have been introduced to facilitate safer vehicle turns off of the highway.

A view of SR 542 in the community of Deming at the Nooksack Market Centre. There is a right turn lane at this location and a narrow shoulder.

Highway crossings

Previous planning work conducted by partners has identified a need for safer pedestrian and bicyclist opportunities to cross the highway, particularly to access the Deming Library. The image below shows the existing conditions for a walking, biking, or rolling trip across SR 542 to reach the library. The posted speed at this location is 45 mph.

A view of SR 542 in the community of Deming looking west towards the Deming Library. There are 4 vehicular lanes of traffic at this location and no marked crosswalk for pedestrians or bicyclists.