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SR 520 – Portage Bay Bridge and Roanoke Lid Project – Dust & lighting

What you can expect


Air quality may be temporarily affected during some construction activities. Tasks that require removing old structures and building new ones stir up dust and throw dirt in the air. For example, removing the old Portage Bay Bridge might involve cutting it into smaller pieces, which produces a fine dust from the concrete. 

Temporary lighting

Construction crews will set up temporary lighting for nighttime construction activities. You can expect lighting mostly along the bridge and roadway on the construction site. We strive to reduce nighttime lighting without compromising safety. Because some activities – flagging traffic, hauling concrete, moving and preparing equipment, etc.—involve precise actions, having enough light is necessary for safety.

Nighttime concrete pouring on the SR 520 bridge
Nighttime concrete pouring on the SR 520 bridge

Strategies and resources

Lighting and dust management

We will require the contractor to use best practices for reducing light and dust. For lighting, this includes practices such using special lights and shields to prevent light spillage, and directing light away from the roadway, houses, and paths. For dust, this includes practices such covering stockpiled rock and dusty materials while being transported and using water hoses and water trucks to keep down dust.

Home and car washing vouchers

Neighbors affected by dust will be offered vouchers for home washing and car washing depending on dust levels. We also will set up a 24/7 project hotline to field questions or concerns related to lighting, dust or other construction issues.