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Baseline analysis

A baseline analysis was completed for 2025 (near term) and 2035 (design year) to identify future deficiencies and performance needs on SR 516.  The baseline analysis assumes no new projects on SR 516 or connecting streets. Deficiencies and performance needs may include intersection upgrades like revised signal timing to improve congestion and reduce vehicular delays and new or improved active transportation facilities and crossings to increase comfort for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Level of service (LOS) is a traffic operations metric used to determine how well traffic flows through an intersection. It ranges from LOS A through LOS F, with LOS A indicating free-flowing traffic and LOS F indicating extreme congestion and long vehicle delays. SR 516 has a LOS D or better standard per WSDOT and city of Covington standards, meaning an intersection meeting LOS A-D is acceptable, and operations of LOS E or F are considered failing. The projected LOS at the study intersections in the future Baseline conditions are summarized in the map below.

Map showing SR 516 Corridor Study aseline LOS summary
Figure 11: SR 516 Corridor Study baseline LOS summary