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Study area

The SR 503 Corridor Plan study area includes the highway, SR 503, and the surrounding areas from NE 99th Street to NE 244th Street/NW 25th Street.

Map of the SR 503 Corridor Study area
SR 503 corridor study area

What’s working well today?

  • Surveys show corridor roadway pavement is in good condition.
  • Sidewalks or trails are available through most of the corridor for active transportation.
  • The existing transit route provides access to local and regional destinations.

What needs to change?

  • Most of the corridor experiences regular traffic back-ups.
  • Lack of protected crossings for people walking, biking, and rolling, as well as animal crossings in rural segments.
  • Transit could be more convenient, with more frequent service and the addition of park and ride lots near the corridor.
  • Several locations on the south end of the corridor experience flooding during heavy rains.
  • Lack of street lighting contributes to some vehicle crashes.

What did we hear from corridor cities and agencies?

WSDOT collected feedback from agency partners like the cities of Battle Ground and Vancouver, C-Tran, and Clark County. Key themes included:

  • Address capacity and traffic issues between NE 119th Street and Padden Parkway intersections.
  • Improve/add active transportation facilities to provide an alternative to vehicle travel.
  • Concerns about industrial, commercial, and residential growth in the city of Battle Ground and north Clark County and its effects on traffic back-ups.