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Purpose and need

About the project

The proposed SR 3 freight corridor would:

  • Serve as a bypass highway, carrying regional through traffic from Shelton to Bremerton
  • Become the SR 3 mainline, constructed on a new alignment to the east of existing SR 3
  • The existing segment of SR 3 through downtown Belfair would become a business loop with connections to SR 106, SR 300, and Old Belfair Highway
  • Consist of a two-lane, 6.5-mile highway with a design and posted speed of 50 mph
  • Consist of two 12-foot travel lanes and two 8-foot shoulders
  • Connect back into the existing SR 3 mainline at its two endpoints:
    • Southern connection: Milepost (MP) 22.81, just south of the intersection with SR 302
    • Northern connection: MP 29.49, just north of the intersection with Lake Flora Rd

Purpose and need

The purpose of this project is to:

  • Decrease the volume of regional and freight traffic in downtown Belfair.
  • Provide a reliable regional route between Kitsap and Mason counties.
  • Help reduce potential for collisions.

Project history and timeline

  • 2001
    Mason County Bypass Environmental Assessment (EA)
  • 2005
    Transportation Partnership Program (TPA) funding approved
  • 2007
    Preferred connection selection report
  • 2008
    Updated traffic analysis complete
  • 2009
    Summary report completed
  • 2010
    Proviso report completed, Washington State Legislature funds WSDOT Environmental Assessment
  • 2013
    WSDOT publishes Belfair Bypass Environmental Assessment
  • 2019
    Connecting Washington funds allocated, design starts
  • 2020
    Environmental documentation update start
  • 2023
    Updated environmental analysis completed
  • Mid-2024
    Access hearing and acquisition process begins
  • Mid-2026
    Construction start
  • 2028
    Construction complete
A map of Belfair and its surrounding area. The map shows the current State Route 3 and other nearby state routes. An orange line shows the proposed new highway. This highway would take cars around Belfair on a separate route.
The proposed new SR 3 freight corridor through Kitsap and Mason counties

The connections

Northern connection

  • A roundabout would connect the north end of the new corridor to the existing SR 3 corridor just north of Lake Flora Road
  • Lake Flora Road alignment would be modified slightly to tie into the roundabout; access would be maintained for existing uses
A map showing an engineering design for a new roundabout. The roundabout sits in an undeveloped area where surrounding roadways will be realigned to meet it.
A roundabout on Lake Flora Road will connect the current State Route 3 to the new freight corridor.

Southern connection:

  • Two roundabouts would connect the south end of the new corridor to the existing SR 3 corridor at SR 302:
    • Western roundabout – provides access to the existing SR 3 corridor
    • Eastern roundabout – provides access to SR 302 and the proposed SR 3 Freight Corridor
    • Right-in/right-out access would be provided at Belwood Ln and at the entrance to North Mason High School
A map showing two roundabouts connecting a residential neighborhood, the new SR 3 freight corridor and the old SR 3.
Two new roundabouts will connect the new SR 3 freight corridor with the
current SR 3 roadway and the Belwood neighborhood in Belfair.