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SR 20 – Discovery Road & Kearney Street Intersection Roundabouts Pre-Design Study – How to drive a compact roundabout

What to look for

Roundabout recommended 20 MPH speed sign

Slow down when approaching the roundabout

Intersection warning signs let drivers know there is a roundabout ahead. Roundabouts are designed for speeds between 15 and 25 mph.

Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists sign

Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists in crosswalks

Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists in marked crosswalks when you enter and exit the roundabout.

Yield sign

Yield to all traffic inside the roundabout

Look left and yield to all traffic already in the roundabout, they have the right-of-way. Once you see a gap in traffic, enter the circle and proceed to your exit. Remember to keep a safe distance behind trucks, they need a lot of space.

One way roundabout sign

Enter the roundabout to the right

Signs will instruct drivers that all traffic moves counterclockwise, to the right, around the roundabout.

Street exit roundabout sign

Exit at the street you want

Stay in your lane, drive counterclockwise, then exit at the street you want. Use your right turn signal immediately before the street you exit the roundabout onto.

Emergency vehicle sign

Emergency vehicles

If an emergency vehicle approaches, drive through and exit the roundabout and pull over just like you would at any other intersection.