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SR 17 & Grape Drive Intersection Improvements – The Project

This project will build a multi-lane roundabout at the location of the current signalized intersection at SR 17 and Grape Drive in Moses Lake.

Project background

The intersection of SR 17 and Grape Drive has 3 times as many fatality/injury crashes as other intersections of similar configuration and traffic counts. From 2011 to 2015, there were 49 collisions at this intersection, 19 of which caused injuries.

The project is funded through the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Safety Improvement Program with the goal of reducing the number of injury crashes. It is scheduled for construction in 2022.

The proposed multilane roundabout at State Route 17 and Grape Drive with also features cross walks with pedestrian refuge points at each leg of the intersection.
Conceptual of the planned roundabout at the intersection of SR 17 and Grape Dr.

Pedestrian facility improvements

Sidewalks will be constructed at all corners of the intersection, which will make connections to crosswalks at all legs of the intersection. The pedestrian route along the west side of Grape will be widened to 10 feet along the existing Joe Rodgers Trail. Pedestrian improvements will extend to the south as far as the intersection of Grape Drive and Gary Street.

Traffic impacts during construction

The current expectation is for construction to last two to three months. Travelers in the daytime should see SR 17 reduced to a single lane of travel in each direction. At night, flaggers will control traffic at the intersection. Short-term partial closures of the Grape Drive intersection legs are also anticipated.