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The project

The project construction will replace the two existing intersections at the on- and off-ramps with roundabouts.  The project is currently in the design phase. Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin during 2025.

During construction, WSDOT works to help keep people moving. The final plans are being developed. Construction could include but not limited to: Night Lane and ramp closures, total weekend closures and associated detour routes.

Future plans

Subject to available funding, we plan to widen the bridge. Plans call for two lanes in each direction. Each existing roundabout would also be expanded to have two lanes.

The currently proposed improvements would be built in such a way that it would accommodate future plans.

The existing plan follows our practical solutions approach. This approach identifies and solves problems and needs as quickly and inexpensively as possible, making data-driven and performance-based decisions.

Conceptional design of interchange

Traffic signals will be replaced with a single-lane roundabout.

All our roundabouts are designed to accommodate emergency vehicles, buses, and truck and trailer combinations. Curbing and center island allow large vehicles to drive over, if needed.

Traffic approaching each roundabout is intentionally slowed down using what are called raised splitter islands that form chicanes.

Each roundabout also features elements for people who walk or roll. This includes crosswalks at each location. Bicyclists can choose, depending upon their comfort level, whether to:

  • Ride with traffic through the roundabout
  • Walk their bicycles through a pedestrian crosswalk.