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Anacortes/San Juan Islands Sailing Schedule Revision Process

Welcome to our online open house!

We need your feedback on the current draft sailing schedules for the Anacortes/San Juan Islands route.

Why we are changing the sailing schedule

The current seasonal sailing schedules have not been updated in 10-15 years, during which the Anacortes/San Juan Islands route has seen a lot of change. With the launch of vehicle reservations, vessel breakdowns and reassignments, alternative service due to COVID-19 and crewing constraints, the route has been operating on a schedule that is not meeting the needs of the area.

Once finalized, these new seasonal sailing schedules will hopefully provide positive change for the daily life of both islanders and tourists by providing more reliability. This is a huge investment in the San Juan Islands community, economy, and way of life. Our hope is better on-time performance and reliability will allow islanders to have more predictable access to medical appointments, students will be able to plan travel to after-school events and local businesses will see more customers visiting the islands.