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Construction timing and activities

What to expect during construction

WSDOT works to balance the needs of construction with keeping people moving. During project construction, travelers can expect some slowdowns, detour routes, and long- and short-term road and ramp closures.

WSDOT will communicate about ways construction could affect users of the roadway. Travelers are encouraged to sign up for email or text updates on state highways in Kitsap County. Realtime information is available via the WSDOT Travel Center Map and the WSDOT app. This work will occur in stages. We expect work will begin at Blackjack Creek, followed by work at Salmonberry Creek. We anticipate this work will begin summer 2023 and be complete by late 2025.

A timeline showing important project milestones. The project design phase will end Spring, 2023. Construction will start in Summer 2023 and end in 2025. The project team will hold a public comment period in late 2022. Work on Sedgwick Road will take place in late summer 2024.

It’s a big job. This is how we will get it done.

SR 16 and SE Sedgwick Road

Blackjack Creek flows under the SR 16/SE Sedgwick Road interchange through three culverts that do not allow all fish to swim through. This project will remove those barriers and replace them with new bridges. This will allow Blackjack Creek to flow more freely under the interchange. It will also realign the creek to include more bends and curves, which are better for fish habitat. Work to remove barriers at Blackjack Creek will begin in summer 2023. WSDOT will complete this work with minimal impacts to traffic flow. We plan to keep all lanes of SR 16 open near the current speed limit, and we will shift lanes around the work zone on SR 16. The on- and off-ramps will remain open aside from a limited number of weekend closures. As always, WSDOT will give advance notice of roadwork that could affect travelers.

The map shows three locations along Blackjack Creek where culverts will be removed. The existing culverts are located where the creek passes under the SR 16 and SE Sedgwick Road interchange.
There are three culverts along Blackjack Creek that are barriers to fish.

SE Sedgwick Road (SR 160)

The work at Salmonberry Creek requires crews to dig up both directions of the roadway. This will allow workers to remove the existing undersized culvert. Crews will use heavy equipment to construct a new large concrete structure. The improvement will allow the stream to pass under the entire roadway with plenty of room for fish to pass.

The entire roadway has been dug up to a depth of more than 30 feet below road level. A long, four-sided concrete structure, about 18 feet tall, sits at the bottom of the dug-up portion and dominates the middle of the photo. A flatbed truck with a man on the bed of the truck is backed up to the concrete structure. There are three yellow digging machines around the concrete structure, and a yellow dump truck full of dirt on the road above it.
Crews will use heavy equipment to construct a new concrete structure that will
allow fish to pass more easily under the roadway.

Crews will also temporarily shift Salmonberry Creek around the work area. This will allow crews to remove the existing culvert. Crews will dig a large hole from the surface of the roadway to the creek. The new structure will support the remaining roadway while allowing the creek to flow freely underneath the roadway.

Once the new structure is in place, crews will shift Salmonberry Creek again to flow through it and into the new, enhanced streambed. All work in the stream will occur in August and September during what are known as “fish windows.” These periods, determined by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, are when fish are less likely to be active in the creeks.