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Performance-Based Evaluation Proviso – State Transportation Policy Goals

The Legislature has adopted six transportation policy goals to guide the planning, operation, performance of, and investment in the state’s transportation system.

WSDOT is studying how to better link the following state transportation policy goals to investments.

Economic vitality graphic

Economic vitality: to promote and develop transportation systems that stimulate, support, and enhance the movement of people and goods to ensure a prosperous economy

Preservation graphic

Preservation: to maintain, preserve, and extend the life and utility of prior investments in transportation systems and services

Safety graphic

Safety: to provide for and improve the safety and security of transportation customers and the transportation system

Mobility graphic

Mobility: to improve the predictable movement of goods and people throughout Washington, including congestion relief and improved freight mobility

Environment graphic

Environment: to enhance Washington’s quality of life through transportation investments that promote energy conservation, enhance healthy communities, and protect the environment

Stewardship graphic

Stewardship: to continuously improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the transportation system