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The project team began collecting environmental and traffic data in August 2022 and completed the existing conditions assessment in March 2023. The Stakeholder Team is reviewing the assessment and the project team is looking for their input on the potential improvements to include in the study. Once the potential improvements are identified, we will refine the recommendations along with your input to propose one set of potential improvements. The findings and selection process will be documented in the final North Lewis County Industrial Access Transportation Study report this summer.

  • Sept. 2022
    Stakeholder Team initiated
  • Fall 2022
    Existing Conditions Assessment began
  • Jan. 2022
    Alternative development and analysis began
  • March 2023
    First public open house tentatively scheduled to begin
  • Spring 2023
    Recommend preferred alternative
  • May 2023
    Second public open house tentatively scheduled to begin
  • Summer 2023
    Final study findings