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Potential improvements

We are considering several potential improvements based on past studies, existing conditions, and current traffic data. You can send us your comments about these potential improvements or suggest new ones that meet the purpose and need of the study.

Alternatives currently being considered by the project team

1. Westside Connector

A new bridge over the Chehalis River, connecting Oakland Avenue to South Scheuber Road. This bridge would connect the Fords Prairie area to the Mellen Street I-5 interchange via Cooks Hill Road. It would also improve local access to Providence Hospital and provide a critical north-south connection in the event of flooding.

Map of Westside Connector
Westside Connector

2. A new I-5 interchange near the Lewis / Thurston County line

A new interchange in North Lewis County could improve access to industrial lands in the study area. There are few suitable locations for a new interchange in North Lewis County, so we are also considering two potential locations in South Thurston County.

  • 216th Avenue (Thurston County)
    This is the northern-most location under consideration, but an existing overpass makes this the most feasible location for a potential future interchange.
  • 222nd Avenue (Thurston County)
    Although this location has fewer constraints than Kuper Road, it is located within Thurston County, and a new rail crossing would need to be built.
  • Kuper Road (Lewis County)
    This is the only potential interchange location within the study area and most directly serves Port of Centralia freight traffic. However, it is close to a recent landslide area, and traffic would need to cross two rail lines to access the freeway.
Map of New I-5 Interchange near the Lewis/Thurston County Line
New I-5 Interchange near the Lewis/Thurston County Line

3. Roundabout at Lum Road and Harrison Avenue

Extend Lum Road south to Harrison Avenue and connect to the I-5 interchange with a roundabout. This would provide a direct connection from Harrison Avenue to Reynolds Avenue via Lum Road.

4. Local road network extensions

Improvements to the local road network could improve traffic flow and access to industrial lands.

  • Extend Gallagher Road north to Harrison Avenue
    Extending Gallagher Road would reduce the trip length between Port of Centralia Industrial Park 1 and the Grand Mound I-5 interchange by approximately 1 mile.
  • Connect Blair Road to Smith Road
    Connecting Blair Road to Smith Road would complete a loop in the local street network, from Reynolds Avenue to Harrison Avenue to 216th Avenue. Connecting these roads would be difficult, as there was a recent landslide between Blair Road and Smith Road and the steep slopes are unstable.

5. Bike and pedestrian improvements

  • New multi-use path along Harrison Avenue north of Kuper Road
    Lewis County is currently leading a project to make improvements on Harrison Avenue and Reynolds Avenue, including bike and pedestrian improvements. This shared-use path would complement those improvements.
  • Fill in missing sidewalks on Galvin Road
  • Pedestrian signal improvements
    Install improved signals for pedestrians at key intersections including Harrison Avenue and Reynolds Avenue, Lum Avenue and Reynolds Avenue, near the Harrison Avenue and I-5 interchange, and intersections near the middle school and high school.

6. Install adaptive signal controller corridor on Harrison Avenue

Installing an adaptive signal corridor near retail on Harrison Avenue would likely improve traffic flow.

7. Access consolidation on Harrison Avenue

The highest crash rates in the study area are on Harrison Avenue between Johnson and Lowe. Closing redundant commercial driveways is one way to reduce turns and improve traffic flow. This alternative would close redundant commercial driveways on Harrison Avenue where businesses have existing driveways that access other streets. All impacted businesses would retain at least one driveway.

Map of Commercial Access Consolidation on Harrison Avenue near I-5 Interchange
Commercial Access Consolidation on Harrison Avenue near I-5 Interchange