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What should we consider?

Please see the study’s purpose and need statement in the Overview section of this online open house before submitting your suggestions. The purpose and need statement set the foundation for measurable objectives and will help to determine which potential improvements could move forward. Each potential improvement being considered in this study will be measured against specific criteria to determine which one best meets the study goals. Ultimately, we will recommend the best performing set of improvements at the end of the study. As mentioned in this online open house, the improvements you suggest could be considered and compared to the purpose and need for consideration. Your personal knowledge of North Lewis County and its unique conditions could help shed light on the potential projects that can best address the project’s purpose and need to accommodate freight access while improving local mobility.

What projects or changes to the current alternatives would you recommend to improve freight and industrial access in North Lewis County?

Please note the projects must be within or near the “Study Area” and would ideally avoid the “Environmental Constraints” shown in the Existing Conditions section of this open house. You can submit your suggestions using the comment form on our Contact page. We will also be holding an in-person open house tentatively scheduled in May 2023 to hear your feedback on the preferred set of improvements WSDOT selects. Stop by when we send out the invitations to send us your input!