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I-5 JBLM Vicinity Congestion Relief Project, South Study Area: Supplemental Environmental Assessment and Online Public Meeting

Welcome to WSDOT’s online public meeting


Here, you will have an opportunity to learn more about and provide your comments on the I-5 JBLM Vicinity Congestion Relief Project (Project) – South Study Area Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA). The graphics below show the existing conditions and a visualization of what the area would look like once the proposed project is constructed.

Proposed changes to I-5
Visualization of proposed changes to I-5, including two new overpasses at Exit 119 and removal of a portion of Barksdale Avenue/Steilacoom-DuPont Road
Existing conditions at Exit 119
Existing conditions at Exit 119

What is an Environmental Assessment?

An EA describes a project and its potential environmental effects related to transportation, noise, natural resources, parks and recreation, community resources, and other resources.

Two scenarios are evaluated in an environmental assessment – the proposed project (Build Alternative) and doing nothing (No Build Alternative).  The No Build Alternative is what the proposed project is compared against to determine potential environmental effects.

Why was a Supplemental Environmental Assessment prepared for this project?

This document was prepared as a supplement to the Environmental Assessment (EA) published in 2017 for the Project’s North Study Area . The project is in the South Study Area, the second of two study areas that comprise the I-5 JBLM Vicinity Congestion Relief Project. The I-5 JBLM Congestion Relief Project was split into two evaluation areas because design concepts were available for the northern portion, but not the southern portion of the project. This SEA analyzes project-specific impacts in the South Study Area and operation of a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction through the complete study area (North and South).

 The South Study area is located between the vicinity of the Mounts Road (116) and Main Gate (120) exits. The North Study Area is located between the Steilacoom-DuPont Road (119) and Thorne Lane (123) exits. The North Study Area and South Study area overlap between Exits 119 and 120.

WSDOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) published this SEA on [date].

How do I access the full SEA and technical reports?

How do I participate in the online public meeting?

Typically, after publishing an EA, WSDOT holds an in-person public meeting so people can view materials, ask questions, and submit comments. Due to current public health considerations, WSDOT is hosting this public meeting online, and is providing options for people to submit comments and questions online, postal mail, and phone.

How do I submit questions or comments?

We welcome your questions and comments through the comment period, which will be open between November 16 and December 16, 2020.

Comments can be submitted through:

  • A form in this online public meeting,
  • By phone (360) 570-6699,
  • Or by postal mail to:
    WSDOT, Olympic Region Environmental Office
    c/o Jeff Sawyer
    P.O. Box 47440
    Olympia, WA 98504-7440

Thank you!

Your feedback will be shared with WSDOT and FHWA and considered as project designs progress. We will publish responses to your comments and questions in the final environmental decision document (expected June 2021).