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2024 Vantage Bridge Construction

I-90 Vantage Bridge Deck Replacement

One of the larger projects scheduled to resume spring 2024 is the replacement of the bridge deck across the I-90 Vantage Bridge. The bridge was built in 1962 and the last time it received a major overhaul was in 1982. Preliminary work starts in fall 2023 with daytime single-lane closures. In 2024, the Vantage Bridge will be reduced to one lane in each direction. Crews will open up traffic to four lanes of traffic for the following weekends: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Watershed (early August) and Labor Day. This is a multiple season project and is scheduled to be complete in 2026.

Photo of the I-90 Vantage Bridge
Single-lane closures expected across the I-90 Vantage Bridge in fall 2023.
Photo of a crew repairing holes in the Vantage Bridge deck
Crews repair holes in the Vantage Bridge deck