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I-5 Fort Lewis Weigh Station Study


WSDOT is looking at potential improvements to the northbound Interstate 5 Fort Lewis Weigh Station, located north of the Nisqually River in Pierce County.

Through this online open house, we would like you to share your thoughts and ideas on ways to improve the northbound I-5 Fort Lewis Weigh Station. Your feedback will aid WSDOT in developing short, mid-, and long-term recommendations for this important freight facility.

How to participate

From Thursday, March 25 through Thursday, April 8, please review and provide feedback on the list of recommendations that were collected by stakeholders. You can do this on the Feedback page of this online open house.

The I-5 Fort Lewis Weigh Station was built in 1969. This weigh and inspection station located near DuPont is in need of updating.  In 2020, it was the second highest used weigh station in the state. Freight traffic experiences recurring congestion and a shortage of truck parking. In collaboration with federal, state, local and tribal partners, WSDOT’s goal is to develop short, mid-, and long-term recommendations for operation and infrastructure improvements to the I-5 Fort Lewis Weigh Station.

Please review the materials included in this online open house and share your comments and preferences with us. Your feedback is important to us and will be taken into consideration for the recommendations put forward.