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What is the Highway System Plan?

A Road map for sustaining our state highways

Planning for state highways matters—over half of vehicle travel in Washington occurs on state highways. People drive cars and ride vanpools and buses on state highways to reach jobs, schools, and services. Truckers transport goods to market on state highways. People who walk and bike travel along and across state highways, supporting prosperous businesses and healthy communities. WSDOT is committed to providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective transportation options for these travelers.

Key aspects of this update are:

  • WSDOT is developing a 20-year plan for the state’s highway system and is seeking public input.
  • The next 20 years will bring several challenges for the system. We want to know what is important to residents as the system evolves.
  • WSDOT and the legislature place high value on preserving past taxpayer investments and keeping the traveling public safe.
  • The legislature chooses where funds are spent, and feedback provided through this plan update can help inform legislative decisions.

Previous edition of the HSP can be found at the Washington State Library