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Implementing the HEAL Act

The Washington State Legislature passed the Healthy Environment for All Act, known as the HEAL Act, to reduce environmental and health disparities among communities of color and low-income households in Washington state. The act requires state agencies, including WSDOT, to incorporate environmental justice into agency decision making. Environmental Justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin or income with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, rules and policies. This webpage provides an overview of Environmental Justice assessments set to begin in July. Click the “Next” tab to find a linked survey where you can share your thoughts with us on these upcoming changes to state government actions. Please see the notice below for ways to request language assistance services.

If you have difficulty understanding English, you may, free of charge, request language assistance services by calling (360) 705-7090 or email us at: TitleVI@WSDOT.WA.GOV

La Legislatura del Estado de Washington aprobó la Ley de Ambiente Saludable para Todos, conocida como Ley HEAL, para reducir las disparidades ambientales y de salud entre las comunidades de color y los hogares de bajos ingresos en el estado de Washington. La ley requiere que las agencias estatales, incluido WSDOT, incorporen la justicia ambiental en la toma de decisiones de la agencia. La justicia ambiental es el trato justo y la participación significativa de todas las personas, independientemente de su raza, color, origen nacional o ingresos, con respecto al desarrollo, la implementación y el cumplimiento de las leyes, normas y políticas ambientales. Esta página web proporciona una descripción general de las evaluaciones de Justicia Ambiental que comenzarán en julio. Haga clic en la pestaña “Siguiente” (NEXT en inglés) para acceder la encuesta vinculada donde puede compartir sus opiniones con nosotros sobre estos próximos cambios en las acciones del gobierno estatal. Por favor, acceda el aviso a continuación para conocer las formas de solicitar servicios de asistencia con el idioma. 

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Environmental Justice assessments begin soon

Environmental Justice assessments are required as we implement the HEAL Act, which modified RCW 70A.02. See our website for a list of the other requirements.

Starting in July, WSDOT will begin conducting Environmental Justice assessments on certain agency actions. Under the HEAL Act, an Environmental Justice assessment is a process that involves the people and communities who are most likely to be affected by the action in determining the impacts and suggest ways to reduce harms and increase benefits associated with an agency action.

The Environmental Justice assessment process also seeks community and Tribal input on the equitable distribution of environmental benefits and prevention of disproportionate environmental harms. The assessment process is new and different from federal Environmental Justice requirements. State lawmakers set up a phased implementation and collaboration with a newly established Environmental Justice Council so agencies can learn from each experience, adapt and share best practices.  

The HEAL Act specifies the types of actions that trigger an Environmental Justice assessment and allows each agency to add new types of actions over the next two years. WSDOT is required to do environmental justice assessments on the following actions beginning July 1:

  • The development of certain agency rules (significant legislative rules as defined in RCW 34.05.328).
  • The development and adoption of any new grant or loan program.
  • A transportation project, grant, or loan by WSDOT of at least $15,000,000.