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US 101 Elwha River Bridge Replacement Project – Environmental Assessment

Welcome to Washington State Department of Transportation’s online public hearing

Here, you will have an opportunity to learn more about and provide comments on the US 101 Elwha River Bridge Replacement Project Environmental Assessment (EA).

The US 101 Elwha River Bridge just west of Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula

What is an Environmental Assessment?

An Environmental Assessment or EA describes a project and its potential environmental effects related to transportation, noise, natural resources, parks and recreation, and other resources.

Two scenarios are evaluated in an environmental assessment – the proposed project (Build Alternative) and doing nothing (No Build Alternative). The No Build Alternative is what the proposed project is compared against to determine potential environmental effects.

Map of the US 101 Elwha River Bridge
The US 101 Elwha River Bridge spans the Elwha River just west of Port Angeles in the Olympic Peninsula.

When was Environmental Assessment (EA) prepared for this project?

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) published this EA on July 19, 2021.

How do I access the full EA and technical reports?

  • Online: Review the full EA document and its associated technical reports (PDF 9.6MB)
  • In print: Call (360) 570-6699 to request a printed copy of the EA.
  • In person: Forks Branch Library located at 171 Forks Ave South in Forks, WA
    Port Angeles Main Library located at 2210 South Peabody Street in Port Angeles, WA
    Clallam County Courthouse located at 223 East 4th Street in Port Angeles, WA
    *All required COVID-19 protocols must be followed

How do I participate in the online public hearing?

Typically, after publishing an EA, WSDOT holds an in-person public hearing so people can view materials, ask questions, and submit comments. Due to State Agency guidelines around the current public health considerations associated with COVID-19, WSDOT is hosting this public hearing online and is providing options for people to submit comments and questions online, by email, postal mail, and phone.

How do I submit questions or comments?

We welcome your questions and comments through the 30-day public comment period, which ends August 18, 2021. 

Comments can be submitted through a form in this online public hearing, by phone at (360) 570-6699, or by postal mail to:

WSDOT, Olympic Region Environmental Office
c/o Jeff Sawyer, WSDOT Environmental Services Manager
PO Box 47440
Olympia, WA 98504-7440

Thank you!

Your feedback will be shared with WSDOT and FHWA and considered as project designs progress. We will publish responses to your comments and questions in the final environmental decision document expected fall 2021. 

Title VI Notice to Public

It is the Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT) policy to assure that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, or sex, as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise discriminated against under any of its federally funded programs or activities. Any person who believes his/her/their Title VI protection has been violated, may file a complaint with WSDOT’s Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). For additional information regarding Title VI complaint procedures and/or information regarding our non-discrimination obligations, please contact OEO’s Title VI Coordinator at (360) 705-7090.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Information

This material can be made available in an alternative format by emailing the Office of Equal Opportunity at or by calling toll free, (800) 362-4ADA (4232). Persons who are deaf or hard of hearing may make a request by calling the Washington State Relay at 711.