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Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission online open house – Comment and stay involved

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Next steps for the CACC

  • Oct. 2022: Based on technical study and community input, the CACC will recommend two locations to the Legislature to complete its Phase 2.
  • Oct. 2022 – June 2023: Additional opportunities for public input. Check back on our website or sign up for emails to learn more about those opportunities.
  • June 2023: CACC makes a final recommendation for a single location in June 2023.

Please note that the CACC’s recommendations are advisory only. After legislative review, it will be necessary to conduct detailed financial and environmental analysis, and funding sources and airport governance will need to be identified to implement the recommendations. Additionally, the FAA and an airport sponsor (governing body of the airport) will conduct a similar process once a clear direction to expand airport capacity is identified that also includes public participation.

Stay involved

The CACC will give significant weight to public input prior to making any of its recommendations. We will continue to hold online open houses prior to making future recommendations to the Legislature. Keep up to date on the CACC’s work on our website and/or sign up for email updates. The public is welcome to observe the CACC. Because of COVID, these meetings have been online, and will be so for the foreseeable future. There is a 15-minute formal public comment at the beginning of each CACC meeting. In addition, a detailed meeting summary is posted on the CACC website.