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WSDOT Active Transportation Plan Part 2 2020 and Beyond


Share your thoughts right now. Deadline for comments on this draft plan: 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 29, 2021

Welcome to our online open house for the State Active Transportation Plan, Part 2 2020 and Beyond. We’re working for a future in which walking and rolling connections are complete and comfortable. As a result of completing, connecting, and maintaining this network, Washingtonians of all ages and abilities will be able to walk, bike or roll to get where they want to go, the same way that people driving have a complete network that was built over time.

To provide your input by 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 29, 2021:

Free, temporary internet access is available to those who do not have broadband service in locations throughout the state. To find the nearest WiFi Hotspot visit the list maintained by the Dept. of Commerce.

  1. Review the document (PDF 19MB): PDF document of the draft Washington State Active Transportation Plan Part 2 2020 and Beyond which is formatted to be ADA-accessible
  2. If you’d like an orientation before starting your reading, attend one of our webinars that will provide an overview of the plan and the opportunity to ask questions as time permits. These will be recorded; registration after the date of the webinar will provide access to the archive. The slides used for the webinars are available here (PDF 1.36MB)
  3. Wednesday Sept. 22, 5:30-6:30pm – Registration page
  4. Thursday Sept. 23, noon-1pm – Registration page
  5. Tuesday Oct. 12, 11:30-12:30pm – Registration page
  6. Comment on the document: Links to a form for you to share your comments on each chapter. The form also requests demographic information to help us understand whether we have received responses from a sample that represents all Washington residents and where we can improve our outreach in the future.

Focus comments on elements you think are important to keep, change, or add to make the plan useful, complete, and accurate.

No need to provide comments on copy editing, typographical errors, or layout. The document is a draft and will receive additional editing and layout adjustment before being finalized. Part 1 has already been published as final, so the feedback form does not include a space to comment on that text.

For a better understanding of what active transportation means to some of the people in Washington State who walk and bike for transportation view the Active Transportation Plan videos:

If you make a video telling your story, drop a link in the comments on one of the videos we’ve posted. If you share it in Twitter, Instagram, or elsewhere tag it #WSDOTactive.

Please share

Please share this online open house ( with your friends, family, and neighbors. We want their opinions too. Tag the link #WSDOTactive if you’re sharing on social media.

Part 1 and Part 2

This draft document is Part 2 of the overall plan. It includes:

  • A recap of Part 1 based on its executive summary to serve as a brief reference in the document;
  • Performance metrics to measure progress for each of the five goals developed in Part 1;
  • Strategies for each of the five goals developed in Part 1 and samples of the types of actions that will be developed through the implementation plan.

Note: Appendices not included in the draft are available upon request.

Part 1 released in May of 2021 covers these topics:

  • Purpose and need of the statewide active transportation plan
  • Benefits of active transportation
  • Current state of active transportation in Washington
  • Concerns and priorities gathered through public engagement for the plan’s development
  • Methodology, data sources, and results of a statewide needs assessment focused on state right of way and its suitability for active transportation
  • Broad cost estimates for changes to state right of way and/or development of other options on local streets/trails to improve conditions for active transportation; not presented as location-specific details